Stay On Target

You are the bravest and most amazing piece to our freedom, you are a soldier. The very fact that you are reading this now, means you are looking out for news and information to ensure your road to recovery exists.  If you are lost in the civilian world, do not feel like you have been lost to yourself as well.  The path back to life outside of the military is a very difficult one, and it will require more bravery than you ever thought would be necessary.

During your many tours, you may have lost your way.  Keep reading soldier, because we need you.  And you need to find the strength to relax your bravery a little bit, and find some way to express your sorrows and joys.

You will have ups and downs, your life will be a roller coaster as you deal with your financial life, your issues with PTSD, and explaining all of this to your family.  You may want to never share your stories with them.  You may never want to talk of it ever again. It is your choice, but know we all are here supporting you now.  Be sure to be willing to ask for help.  Do not suffer in silence, even if it means sending one email, or joining our membership.

Your joy in life is knowing your strength.  Your power in becoming a strong and effective soldier is unquestioned.  You will be asked to move forward into civilian life, and sometimes this is faster than you would like to have it happen.  There is no boot camp for becoming a civilian once again, although there should be.

Here is how you take the first step.  Keep your crispness, stay frosty, and you can become the best soldier at home that anyone will hope to expect.

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