Finding your Way at Home

Your duty has ended, and a new day has dawned on you.  They give you your walking papers, and you feel a bit overwhelmed.  You have had to forget your dreams and visions for so long, it is hard to imagine what life was before you became a soldier.  You are not alone, and you should know these feelings are normal.  It is not an easy transition, and one that will take some time.

No Time to Lose

What if you have limited funds, and you are not going to last long with what you left the military with?  What will you do to survive.  Here are some ideas, and make swift moves to take them on, if you have some financial issues.

  • Join a Volunteer Organization to Help Homeless Vets:  They are everywhere in the country, and need your expert advice and experience.  The possibility of helping and serving again, will pull you out of your slump.
  • Look into School Near Home:  Staying at home can be a challenge, especially when you are used to order and constant follow through in your life.  Often others in your family, will be looking to you to lead now, and you will have to remember the challenges your commanding officers faced, and take them to heart here.  The roles may be reversed, but you have the strength and the power to survive.
  • Join a Karate or Security Team:  Your admirable security skills will do you well in helping people realize goals of becoming more secure at home.  There are many people who want to learn how to use their mind and their bodies to learn the martial arts, or need a security professional for their business.  You can be sure you will be called to many events and social arenas for your skills you learned as a Soldier.
  • Use your cooking skills for good:  Often times, you have been called to serve in the operational areas of the military.  You have many great skills, and you should be able to find a great place to utility them.  This can get you going until you are sure what you want to do with your dreams and goals.

There are many areas in civilian life where your talents are necessary, and you can find a great outlet quickly, and effectively if you motivate, continue to move forward, and stay positive in your mindset.  Do not let yourself down.

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