Addiction is Never the Answer

You are returning to civilian life, and have found a reason to continue to serve your country, you have found a job in the ranks of American life, and you are really ready to move forward.  This is a large step!  It was not easy to find this action, and complete it, especially when you had a large issue to overcome; your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction can Solved

If you are working through becoming the person described above, and look to provide for your family and yourself, you will need to address any issues with addiction.  You can not function in your new civilian world with an addiction habit or path.  It will be impossible.  This can be very hard to handle at the beginning, but getting help will be your best step.

Visit the Doctor

If you disclose you are having trouble with alcohol and drugs, people can help.  There are great programs at the VA for you and your issues.  You can begin here, and if you are ready to address these issues, you can beat them.  The biggest step is to find a solution with finding help.  Once you let your team that supports you at the VA help you, you can begin your new life one step at a time.

Join a Support Group

If you are going to beat your addiction, you need to be amongst friends.  It is important!  Find a great group that is close to your home, and go to your group.  You will be amazed at the stories and how good it will feel to get to meet soldiers who have made a step forward, and have the same exact issues as you.  You will be happier, and find the strength to make this difficult transition sooner versus later.