America the Beautiful

You are our hero, and it is because of you that we can live in peace and some harmony.  We are able to voice our opinions, find our voices, and speak out against what we think is unfair or unjust.  We have you to thank for this great honor.

When you joined service, chances are you were supported to really consider this task and the amount of challenges in being a serviceman or servicewoman.  You have the opportunity to be the strong person in your family, and many of you should have other family members who served as well.  We all are indebted to you for your great sacrifice.  It is not lightly that we should find you, shake your hand, and thank you for giving so much for our safety.

As the world gets larger in population, it also gets smaller with great communication tools, and with many areas for information and shared tools of news.  And, there is a lot of missing information that is not available.  One area, is there is not a lot of areas for communicating stories and issues that returning soldiers have.

I hope you feel welcome enough, to share your story, and how you are doing right at this moment.  There are many soldiers returning, and as well, heading back to battle.  We all need to send them our support.

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